Real Momentum Ministries


New Systems, Improved Functionality

The Client

REAL MOMENTUM Ministries is a non-profit ministry focused on helping men navigate life through many different avenues. Whether it’s winning at your job, in your home, in your marriage, or even in your church, Keith Boggs, and his team has a solution. They are laser focused on mens discipleship through events, monthly meetings, church collateral, and retreats.

The Challenge

The team was faced with the challenge of consistency of their graphics, a way to book their events, selling merchandise on their website, and getting donors to give to their non-profit. They had an outdated website that wasn’t producing very much traffic and systems that were all over the place. Faced with a huge challenge, they didn’t know where to turn or how to make everything work together. Consistency was needed. Email marketing, social media marketing and fulfillment of products on their website presented another problem of their own.

The Solution

In the fall of 2020, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries reached out to the Hasten Marketing team to find a solution. Our team took the existing website and rebuilt it from the ground up. We added an e-commerce store with more than 30 items and connected it with their giving software. Also, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries wanted a way for people to register for their events, have a groups solution and a way for people to easily see this. Our team programmed and implemented a database called Planning Center.

Their email marketing was working, but not at its greatest capabilities. So we partnered with Mailchimp to offer a new solution for their team to reach more people. We were also challenged with putting together a great social media presence that would create more reach. Our team definitely stepped up to that challenge.

One of the biggest solutions that we were able to provide REAL MOMENTUM Ministries was the fulfillment of their items within their e-commerce store. On any given week we fulfill more than 10-15 items. This is a great improvement because this time last year, their store was non-existent.

New Website Visitors

Website Sales $

People Reached on Social Media

The Results

The REAL MOMENTUM website at realmomentum.org has received a great response since the rebuild. Their email marketing is now consistent and social media engagement has improved tremendously. We are so thankful to be working with the team at REAL MOMENTUM Ministries and look forward to working with them for years to come!