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Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Advertising your business can be a marketing nightmare if you don’t have the right tools and people to help you with the task. Our team of professionals have been trained in areas such as brand awareness, website design, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and so much more. We understand the steps it takes to convert a lead in to a customer.

Brand Design & Strategy

Brand Design & Strategy

At Hasten Marketing we have a unique process in which we help you analyze your company. Our team is trained to help you come up with your mission, values, and vision of your company along with your company style.

We take this strategy and combine them into a cohesive and consistent presentation, including your logo, company colors, fonts, and the look & feel of your business cards, marketing materials, specialty items, and website.

Social Media

Social Media Management

The heart and soul of any business is great social media.

We take this strategy and combine them into a cohesive and consistent presentation, including your logo, company colors, fonts, and the look & feel of your business cards, marketing materials, specialty items, and website.

Website Design

Website Design

A great website shows customers who you are and what you do.

In the digital realm, a website is an essential element for businesses, irrespective of their size and type. It helps them increase their brand presence via the Internet breaking the geographical boundaries. A professional website design itself can be used to attain various marketing strategies in order to help your business surge. Thoughtfully created website designs have a far outspread reach than any other form of marketing tools.

The increasing visibility is one of the factors that necessitate having a site with clean web page design. A professional web design arouses the curiosity of the visitors to dive in further. Whether you’re into construction, food & drink, education, or any such business, Hasten Marketing is a single-point destination for all your graphic design needs.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Reach customers right in their inbox daily, weekly, monthly.

Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, improve your cart abandonment rate or tell a story.

With our email campaign strategy, it’s easy to find the right email templates for any message—whether you’re welcoming new subscribers, notifying customers of a sale, or wishing someone a happy birthday.

Social Media

Digital Design

Digital design is a type of visual communication that presents information or a product or service through a digital interface. Put simply, it’s graphic design made specifically to be used on computers.

This encompasses more than simply viewing graphic design on a screen. Any document these days can be scanned and uploaded to a computer, but digital designs are crafted specifically for devices, taking into account factors like user experience, interactivity, differences in screen size and more. In short, they are often designed to be used rather than read.

Graphic design is for print products and digital design is for digital content. This is, of course, a generalization. These days the realms of print and digital overlap more often than not. Many digital designs rely on skills from the graphic designer’s playbook, such as brand implementation and typographical layout. Graphic design projects, meanwhile, commonly have to account for digital distribution in addition to print. And to make matters more confusing, “graphic design” is commonly used as a catch-all term for every type of visual communication.

Ad Retargeting

Ad Retargeting

Don’t let your customers get away! Show them your ads.

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to strategically position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or its partner websites, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase.


Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations, or promote awareness of your brand, remarketing can be a strategic component of your advertising. Below are a few benefits of using remarketing:

  • Prompt reach/Well-timed targeting: You can show your ads to people who’ve previously interacted with your business right when they’re searching elsewhere and are more likely to make a purchase. You can also help customers find you by showing them your ads when they are actively looking for your business on Google Search.
  • Focused advertising: You can create remarketing lists to advertise for specific cases. For example, you may create a remarketing list targeted for people who added something to their shopping cart but didn’t complete a transaction.
  • Large-scale reach: You can reach people on your remarketing lists across their devices as they browse over 2 million websites and mobile apps.
  • Efficient pricing: You can create high-performance remarketing campaigns with automated bidding. Real-time bidding calculates the optimal bid for the person viewing your ad, helping you win the ad auction with the best possible price. There’s no extra cost to use Google’s auction.
  • Easy ad creation: Produce text, image, and video ads for free with Ad gallery. Combine a dynamic remarketing campaign with Ad gallery layouts to scale beautiful ads across all of your products or services.
  • Campaign statistics: You’ll have reports of how your campaigns are performing, where your ads are showing, and what price you’re paying.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Bring customers to your website with great SEO and digital marketing techniques.

You might think of a search engine as a website you visit to type (or speak) a question into a box and Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or whatever search engine you’re using magically replies with a long list of links to webpages that could potentially answer your question.

That’s true. But have you ever stopped to consider what’s behind those magical lists of links?

Here’s how it works: Google (or any search engine you’re using) has a crawler that goes out and gathers information about all the content they can find on the Internet. The crawlers bring all those 1s and 0s back to the search engine to build an index. That index is then fed through an algorithm that tries to match all that data with your query.

That’s all the SE (search engine) of SEO.

The O part of SEO—optimization—is where the people who write all that content and put it on their sites are guessing that content and those sites up so search engines will be able to understand what they’re seeing, and the users who arrive via search will like what they see.

Optimization can take many forms. It’s everything from making sure the title tags and meta descriptions are both informative and the right length to pointing internal links at pages you’re proud of.